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The New Apple iMac and the DCI P3 colour gamut

As a long time Apple user I am used to them making decisions that could charitably be called ahead of the curve. For example, their early omission of floppy or CD/DVD drives in their computers, their experimentation with different form factors and materials like the original iMacs and the Apple Cube, or the radical design […]

Calibrating MacBook Pro Retina Displays with Spyder5PRO

Spyder5PRO calibrating macbook pro retina

Calibrating MacBook Pro Retina displays is pretty straightforward with a good calibration tool such as the Spyder5PRO from Datacolor. You only have a brightness control to adjust on the display and the Spyder software is very easy to use with plenty of online help resources. Calibration and profiling will improve the accuracy of any display. […]

The Truth about Lightroom Colour Management

lightroom colour management

Lightroom Colour Management is often held to be simpler and more straightforward than colour management in its stablemate Adobe Photoshop. After all, Lightroom has been designed from the ground up for one single task – managing and processing digital photography. Whereas Photoshop is a tool used by photographers, designers, movie makers, scientists and printers amongst many […]