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NEW X-Rite i1Studio review

X-Rite’s new i1Studio is a replacement for the ColorMunki Photo that has long been popular amongst amateur photographers for creating ICC profiles for monitors and displays. Previously X-Rite have been at pains to differentiate between ColorMunki products aimed at the amateur or beginner market and the i1 range which has always been targeted at professionals. […]

iPhone 7 & Colour Management

Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus continue Apple’s plan to let us to live in a more colourful world. Not only do both phones have screens with a wider colour gamut than previous models, but their cameras also capture more colours. Ever since the 1990s desktop operating systems have had to employ system level technology for dealing […]

The New Apple iMac and the DCI P3 colour gamut

As a long time Apple user I am used to them making decisions that could charitably be called ahead of the curve. For example, their early omission of floppy or CD/DVD drives in their computers, their experimentation with different form factors and materials like the original iMacs and the Apple Cube, or the radical design […]

Welcome to my Colour Management Blog

In this colour management blog I aim to share some of my knowledge and experience, review colour management tools and solutions, keep you informed of any developments in the colour management industry, and generally discuss anything to do with the process of getting more accurate and predictable colour. If you have ideas for posts I […]