I’ve been providing colour management training for over fifteen years. I’ve delivered colour management seminars and courses for organisations like X-Rite, Canon and The Royal Photographic Society. I’ve delivered one-on-one or small group training on-site to photographers, museums, designers and printing companies. My approach to colour management training is to impart just enough of the theory of colour management so that you can get to grips with the practical elements but without blinding you with science. I concentrate on showing you the practical steps you can take to control your colour and get the quality of results that you need.

On-Site Colour Management Training

I can take you through calibrating and profiling your workflow from camera or scanner all the way to printer or press output. I’ll show you how to calibrate and profile your monitors, set the correct application options and tie all your processes into one smooth colour management workflow that delivers accurate and predictable colour from end to end. I can work with any colour management solution from X-Rite, Datacolor, BasicColor and others. If you don’t have colour management hardware or software then I can advise you on what you’ll need and where to buy it. Each on-site visit will be tailored to your experience level and specific requirements.

Colour Management Courses

I can also deliver colour management training seminars, events and courses for your company, group or organisation. Each course can include modules from colour theory, how colour management works and monitor profiling all the way to soft-proofing and printer profiling. The courses can be pitched at the right level for the audience and be customised to impart exactly the knowledge you want the attendees to gain.

Costs & Duration

As each on-site visit or course will be tailor made for you there is no fixed cost or duration. Typically a day would be enough for a solid introduction to colour management and working through profiling input, several monitors, a few output devices and talking through workflow issues. A couple of days or more would be sufficient for taking users to more expert levels.

Please fill in the form below with what you require and I’ll come back to you with a proposal as soon as I can.