I can provide on-site colour calibration and colour profiling services, as well as colour management workflow optimisation and set up, across the UK and throughout Europe. I have a very wide experience of different equipment, industries and workflows and can help you with all aspects of colour management from image capture all the way to printer and press output, including compliance to industry standards. Where appropriate I can advise on equipment and procedures to maintain colour accuracy after my visit. I can cater to print and pre-press companies, amateur and professional photographers, advertising and design agencies, fashion companies and fabric printers, and any other company that needs accurate colour reproduction.

Camera & Scanner Profiling

I have extensive experience using all the various camera profiling solutions, especially for fine art reproduction and other colour critical applications for museums and fashion companies. I can work with you to try the various methods and workflows to get the most colour accurate image capture. I’ve also been profiling all types of scanner for many years and can help you get the most from your kit.

Monitor and Projector Calibration & Profiling

Monitor and projector calibration and profiling really needs to be done on a regular basis so I always urge customers to buy their own equipment (at a cost of around £150) or I can work with what ever monitor calibrator you have. I will show you how to get your monitor or projector displaying accurate colour as I go through the process with you. I can also show you how to use the soft-proofing functions of software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

Printer Calibration & Profiling

Over the years I’ve worked with just about all the different types of printers and the RIPs that are often used to drive them. For simple desktop inkjets I offer a profiling service via download, post and email but for more complex systems and workflows I will need to come on site. I can work with all wide format systems, toner based printers, presses and just about anything else that puts a colourant on a media. If you have multiple printers I’ll get them to be more consistent. I’ll be able to get your monitor to predict the output from your printers, and I can get appropriate systems matching standards such as those from FOGRA.

On-site ICC printer profiling can provide you with:

  • A bespoke ICC printer profile for any printer and media combination
  • More accurate prints with better neutrals, flesh tones, colours, and highlight and shadow detail
  • Improved results with 3rd party ink and papers
  • Reduced wastage of ink, paper and time
  • Consistency across different media
  • Consistency across different printers
  • Closer matches to computer monitors
  • Integration of the printer with any of the leading RIPs
  • Conformity to industry printing standards with compatible RIP, printer and media combinations
  • Integration of the printer into the wider workflow


Because I have such a broad and long experience with many different colour management scenarios I can tie all your hardware and software into one integrated colour managed workflow so that you get accurate colour from one end of your process to the other, and also across the wide variety of devices that you may have.

Colour Profiling Services Fees

I can work with my own profiling equipment or assist you with your own colour management hardware and software. I don’t sell colour management equipment myself, just services, but can direct you to the best places to buy.

My fees vary with the task and travelling time from my Warwick base, so please use the contact form below giving as much detail as you can about what you need and where you are so I can give you a quotation.