For certain types of printers I can create printer profiles for you without visiting your home or premises. I can supply a set of instructions and a special test file containing over 1000 colour squares. You will need to read the instructions and follow them to output the test file on each printer and each paper that you require a profile for. You then post the print outs to me and I will create the printer profiles using a top of the line spectrophotometer and  profiling software. The profiles are then emailed to you and the instructions cover installing and using the profile with software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

This service can only be offered for inkjet printers driven by the manufacturer’s own driver software (not a RIP), or photographic dye-sublimation printers. More complex systems will require an on-site visit. The standard test file is A4 and must be printed without scaling or cropping but I can send you other formats on request. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow but I’m happy to talk you through the process on the phone or answer questions via email.

Printer Profiles

Accurate printer profiles of your own printer, ink and paper combination are essential for good monitor to print matching and will also usually result in better prints than downloadable profiles from paper manufacturers whose printer profiles may not match your own individual printer’s characteristics or driver settings. You will need a profile for each type of paper that you use as well as each different printer.

Printer profiles can be easily applied when printing using software from Adobe and many others. They can also be used in many applications for soft-proofing (simulating on screen what will print). I can offer assistance if you need help using the profiles. Most customers are very pleasantly surprised by how much the depth and quality of colour on their prints improves when they receive their profiles, as well as the better matches they get to their calibrated and profiled monitor.

In addition to the standard profile service I can offer custom colour patch sets formatted for different page sizes, or having a larger number of patches, and also post profiling optimisation that often enhances grey balance and shadow detail. I can also supply profiles both with and without UV correction, to optimise for optical brighteners.

To purchase your printer profiles set the quantity required and then click the Purchase button. You can pay by credit/debit card or with a PayPal account. Profiles cost £15 each. You will automatically be sent a download link to for the files that you need.

If you don’t want to pay by card or PayPal, or have any problems checking out then please contact me and I can email you the files you need and an invoice that you can pay by bank transfer.