If you manufacture or resell printers, monitors, cameras or computers that your customers use in a colour workflow then I can provide colour management consultancy and training to your customers to help them get the very best results from the kit that you supply. This will greatly improve your levels of customer satisfaction and retention, as well as providing another source of income for you. I provide excellent post-installation support and advice.

Colour Calibration & Profiling

I’ve worked with many camera, monitor printer suppliers over the years. I can colour manage a very wide range of devices, software and RIPs. I’ll help your customers get matches between different outputs and media and the enhancements that I deliver in colour quality will mean that they are more likely to stick with your products or come back for more.

Colour Management Training

Many companies can sell colour management equipment but few can afford full-time staff to deliver the required level of expert training for their customers. I can not only deliver that training for you but I can work with and train your own in-house staff so that they can provide first level support and advice to your customer base, helping you stand out from your competition. The training can be entirely customised so that it not only covers the equipment that you supply but also other equipment that your customers have ensuring that your they have an optimised colour managed workflow and any new kit is correctly integrated.

Colour Management Talks & Events

If you are holding an open day, exhibiting at a trade show or want to host a training seminar and need a colour management expert then I can attend and present a customised  course or just be on hand to answer your customer’s questions.

Colour Management Technical Writing

I have written blogs, manuals, magazine articles and books based around colour management solutions and workflows so if you are looking for someone to deliver clear, concise and coherent content that educates your staff or your customers then I can help you.

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